Top 3 Reasons to Clean your Gutters

It can be perceived as an easy task to forget about, but for an homeowner who intends to avoid damage to their homes, they will not forget to clean their gutters. Note that gutters helps in getting snow melt and rainwater away from your home roof, foundation, and we both know that thwarting that effort can result in reparations for your house. Here are the reasons you should clean your gutters often.

Keep your home free from issues associated with clogged gutters

Clogged gutter system has the following effects on your home.

 Cracked foundations and leaking basements: clogged gutters causes excess roof water to accumulate around the foundation. This can easily lead to leaky basement. Besides, the water will weaken the foundation and this will make prone to cracking.

 Rotted wood: sometimes, gutters normally have accumulated debris that pile up above the shingle line or the flashing. Such stuff tends to hold moisture and since it’s near the fascia board, it can make it rot. Besides, the moisture can affect your house’s roof framing and sheathing that is beyond the fascia. Keep in mind that the debris found in dirty gutter systems act a wick to drive water up to the fascia and destroy it.

Wood destroying creatures and other rodents: if you don’t clean your gutters, the chances are that water will accumulate in your gutters forming small pools. Such environment is a perfect breeding zone for mosquitoes and other funny animals. Bugs love damp environment and such animals can even destroy your gutter system.

Makes driveways to sag: Clogged downspouts and gutters tend to make driveways and walkways to crack and sag.

Note that the effect of clogged gutters isn’t just destroying the foundation or the fascia: it’s beyond that. Allowing water into your crawl space or the basement can result in mold and other damage. During the winter, the water accumulated in the basement or in the small cracks can freeze then expand these cracks into bigger cracks. Besides, leaking basement can make your house too cold and cause some health problems to your family.


Cleaning gutters doesn’t require you to be a professional gutter cleaner. You can still use ladder and the right equipment and tools to ensure that the gutters are clean. You can prevent the issues discussed in this article by ensuring that your gutters are always clean.