Building A Log Home

A Step-by-step Guide To Building A Custom Log Home

Log cabin homes possess the rustic charm and the quality craftsmanship home owners are looking for. Interest in building a custom log cabin, has increased among home buyers because of its sturdy construction and the new modern designs and amenities. Home buyers who are looking to build their own log cabin must weigh many factors and take several steps in order to build the home of their dreams.

In the previous articles of this series, home buyers were instructed to do the following:

  • Perform research about log homes.
  • Create a wish list for items and amenities wanted in log home.
  • Get qualified for a mortgage from three banks.
  • Begin working with a Realtor to find a vacant lot to build a log home.
  • Visit a few log home dealerships and find a sales specialist to work with.
  • Work with a log home sales specialist to find the appropriate design for the log home.
  • Find and purchase a vacant lot to build the log home on.
  • Decide on a construction plan that fits the vacant lot purchased.

Tie Up The Loose Ends

At this stage of the home building process, the home buyer should have completed all of these steps and be ready to move on with the process. The vacant lot should be purchased and a final construction plan should have been decided. Sometimes customizations must me made to the construction plans so that the log home can better fit the size and topography of the vacant lot purchased. These customizations usually increase the price and should be done before making any final payments.

Financing plans should also be finalized at this time. The best mortgage should have been chosen with deposits to the bank and all necessary financial paperwork completed. With all of this done, a home buyer can now begin the process of becoming a home builder.

Preparing To Build The Log Home

log home dealership

Next, decide how the log home will be built. Many cabin kits can be built without a professional crew or heavy equipment therefore building a log home can be a large do-it-yourself project. Home buyers who want to choose this process must get an instructional demonstration from the log home dealership. Help in the form of friends and family may be necessary to build the log home.

For home buyers who decide to work with a professional home builder should ask the log home specialist for a referral. Many log home dealerships have their own builder crews. Home buyers should speak to the crew’s foreman about the construction plans and the crew’s experience building log homes. Ask for references and insist on visiting log homes that the crew has already built.

Once a building crew has been found, negotiate a final building cost estimate. Work with the builder to come up with an appropriate construction budget. Be sure to inflate the construction budget for up to 15% to allow for any unexpected issues or problems. Make a deposit and payment schedule for the builder crew, but do not pay the full amount.

Most counties require building and health permits before construction can begin. Apply for the appropriate building permits and ensure that the lot purchased contains a septic system and proper gas and water lines. If the lot does not have these things already, health permits will need to be filed to install these items.

Building The Log Home

building log home

With permits in place, construction on the log home can now begin. The actual building of a log home will take time and a firm commitment from all parties involved. A construction time-table should be issued but expect that it will probably take several more weeks or months longer than expected. Be patient and keep the lines of communication open with the building crew throughout the entire process.

While construction is going on, be sure to visit the site often to keep abreast of the progress. Raise any concerns and ask questions immediately as issues arise. Be mindful that once the home is completed, it must pass a local inspection. If possible obtain a copy of the building code requirements for building the log home and work with the foreman to make sure that the log home will not have any problems meeting the code. Occupation of the new log home will not take place until construction has been completed and inspection, permits and certificates of occupancy are all approved.

In the end, the building process requires a lot of dedication and hard work from beginning to end. By following the steps presented in this series, an educated home buyer can build the log home of their dreams without getting lost in the process. And once the process is over, home buyers will become home owners of a custom log home.