Carpet Trends

If you don’t know much about carpet, you may not even realize that you have countless types to choose from. Of course, not all carpets are created equal, and carpet is usually a commitment you plan to keep in the home for some time.

Here’s what’s hot in carpet right now.

Recycled Carpet

“Green” or eco-friendly flooring is a huge trend right now, and carpet is no exception. In fact, most carpet manufactured today is made, at least partially, from recycled material.

Homeowners and manufacturers alike are paying more attention to our environment. This is a trend that will only get stronger with time.

Cut and Loop Carpet

What is this cut and loop carpet we speak of? Well, it’s carpet that combines both cuts (straight) and loops (the ones that look like a little loop, like Berber).

You know how they say trends tend to recycle themselves every 30 years or so? Even less in fashion – remember 5-10 years ago when everything hot looked like the ‘80s called and wanted their wardrobe back?

Cut and loop carpet was first popular in the ‘70s, lost steam in the ‘80s, and is now returning full force. Cut and loop carpet offers lots of patterns and texture options – a big reason it is so hot right now.

We’ve already seen this trend come and go once before. I think it’s safe to say history will repeat itself, but that doesn’t mean it will never come back again!

Frieze Carpet

Okay, so if you’re not in the market for a frieze carpet, you probably have never  heard of it or have no idea what it is. Frieze is also known as “twist” carpet and it refers to carpet where each piece of the carpet is twisted many times, making it look almost curly.

You know when you sleep with your hair in a braid and then it has it’s kinda wavy the next day? That’s how frieze carpet looks. Everyone’s been after natural curls for so long, they even want it in their carpet! Mostly kidding.

This look is relatively new, and will likely continue at least over the next decade. After that, it’s anybody’s guess!

Carpet Tile Rugs

These are so cool! I mean, we think so. You have an almost endless list of options to create custom rugs by choosing carpet tiles and linking them together.

This trend is popular with families because if one part of your rug gets damaged, it’s just a carpet tile, and you can easily replace it.

Rugs have never gone out of style, and we don’t see any reason why carpet tile rugs won’t last the test of time as well.

2017 Carpet Colors

While other floors are trending towards extreme lights and darks, carpet is going bold in its color statements. Of course, some classic staples are still hot, too.

Bold Carpet Colors

Homeowners are trending towards statement colors with their carpet. Since carpet is not typically a whole house flooring these days, you have the ability to make a statement.

Oranges, purples and multi-colored carpets and rugs are popping up all over the place. Your carpet no longer needs to be that forgotten stepchild that you never see or hear from. For now, they can speak loud and proud!

While bold colors are having their day, bold statements tend to be fleeting, and will likely be gone in a few years or so. If you want to go bold, I suggest using carpet tiles or an area rug so that when the trends change, your home can too.

Neutral Carpet Colors

Ahhh, an old staple. A trend? Perhaps not. More like a classic.

Neutral carpet matches the colors and tones of hard flooring, and also gives you a blank canvas to build on for decorating your home, painting, choosing furniture, etc. It’s easy to stick with staple and use other items in your home as your statement pieces.

Although bright colors are trending, neutral carpets are still popular today, and these browns and grays will probably remain popular for decades to come.

2017 Trending Carpet Textures

Wood isn’t the only flooring that can play with textures! Carpet may be limited in some ways, but there are a lot of textures you can achieve with carpet that hard floors just cannot match.

Soft Carpet

Remember when everyone stopped using soft, plush carpets? It was the saddest of times. Softness is exactly what makes carpet special, and that ultra softness is something hard floors just cannot compete with.

Soft carpet will always have its place. It may become more and less trendy throughout the years, but until they come up with an equally comforting option, this trend ain’t going anywhere for good!

Ribbed Carpet

Ribbed carpet is exactly how it sounds – little ribs of texture throughout the carpet. It’s one of those things you don’t realize you’ve seen until you see it.

Ribbed carpet has been popular in offices for quite some time, and in 2016 you will begin seeing it in homes as well.

We don’t expect this texture to stay around in homes forever, and we anticipate that within the next few years ribbed carpet will be back to more of a business look.